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Closet Consulting

We do all we can to make Mosaic a warm, relaxing environment where customers can unwind and enjoy taking some time for themselves. But the fact is — sometimes shopping feels like a challenge. You might see a beautiful blouse and try to envision how it would look under your new jacket, or bring home a gorgeous new sweater only to find that it doesn’t look quite right with any of your skirts. Like so many women, you find yourself gazing into a closet full of lovely items, yet somehow with nothing to wear. At times like this, you feel if you could only take your closet and a trusted friend with you, shopping would be a lot easier — and a lot less stress.

That’s exactly what we want to do for you. Owner Leah Hickman Norwood has years of experience helping women find and express their own individual sense of style, and she knows that many closets aren’t doing all they could for their owners. She’ll come to your house and give you a personal closet consultation to help you decide what pieces in your closet you truly love, what’s just taking up space, and what you need to add in order to turn your collection of pieces into a real wardrobe that expressly fits, flatters, and expresses you.

Getting to Know You

The first step in the process is getting to know you. What’s most important to you about your wardrobe? What do you spend most of your day doing? What strikes you as beautiful, and what image do you want to project? Your clothes will help you make a statement to the world — Leah will help you articulate what you want that statement to be.

Getting to Know Your Closet

Next, we’ll get to know your closet. Which pieces are truly right for you? Some of them are beautiful, comfortable, and flattering. Some of them may be lovely, but there’s a reason you’re not wearing them – they’re not comfortable, they’ve never fit quite right, or they don’t really express you. And some have great potential, but they don’t seem to go with anything you have. Leah will recommend which pieces to keep and which to discard. She can even help you find a fitting second home for your used clothes by donating them to a charity for low-income women who are trying to enter the workforce. 

Bringing It All Together

Finally, Leah will recommend some pieces that will bring the rest of your wardrobe to life. A cropped silk sweater may be all it takes to make those high-waisted billowy trousers a wardrobe staple. Or a pair of knee-high boots and a tote bag might make your dresses into practical daywear, while heels and a silk scarf take those same dresses out for dinner and dancing. Based on your style and your wardrobe needs, Leah will pick out some pieces for you and bring them to your home so you can see how they fit you and your wardrobe.You don’t have to buy those specific pieces, of course — in fact, seeing what doesn’t strike your fancy is a useful part of the process. Leah takes that information and adds it to her understanding of your individual style, to aid in picking pieces the next time around.

Bring Some Clarity to Your Closet. Schedule an Appointment Today.

At Mosaic, we believe that every woman has an indefinable inner glow, one that expresses her unique strength and beauty — and that your style can help this glow shine through, to express you to everyone you meet. Let us help you find that style, in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Are you ready to shine through? Contact Leah using the form below to schedule an appointment.

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